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  • Guidelines for soil description and classification: Central and Eastern European. Students' version 

    Świtoniak, Marcin; Kabała, Cezary; Karklins, Aldis; Charzyński, Przemysław; Hulisz, Piotr; Mendyk, Łukasz; Michalski, Adam; Novák, Tibor József; Penížek, Vít; Reintam, Endla; Repe, Blaž; Saksa, Martin; Vaisvalavičius, Rimantas; Waroszewski, Jarosław (Polish Society of Soil Science, 2018)
    Soil investigation may be carried out on various levels of knowledge, research capacity and proficiency. Scientists commonly apply advanced methodology for soil resources inventory, including the professional terminology ...
  • Illustrated Handbook of WRB Soil Classification 

    Świtoniak, Marcin; Kabała, Cezary; Charzyński, Przemysław; Capra, Gian Franco; Czigány, Szabolcs; Pulido-Fernández, Manuel; Ganga, Antonio; Glina, Bartłomiej; Mendyk, Łukasz; Novákv, Tibor József; Penížek, Vít; Reintam, Endla; Repe, Blaž; Sykuła, Marcin; Vircava, Ilze (Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences Publishing, 2022)
    Soil classification is a difficult issue and requires many years of study under the guidance of experienced teachers. In the course of long-term studies and field research, soil scientists acquire the skills of recognizing ...