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  • The assessment of hazelnut mechanical harvesting productivity 

    Bernardi, B.; Tous, J.; Benalia, S.; Abenavoli, L.M.; Zimbalatti, G.; Stillitano, T.; De Luca, A.I. (2017)
    Hazelnut cultivation represents a new opportunity for Calabrian mountainous and sloping areas (Southern Italy), where no alternative fruit crops, except forestry, could be settled. In this Region, hazelnut production ...
  • The environmental noise level in the rejuvenation pruning on centuries-old olive tree 

    Abenavoli, L.M.; Zimbalatti, G.; De Rossi, A.; Papandrea, S.; Proto, A.R. (2019)
    In the Italian agricultural economy, olive cultivation plays a fundamental role, and this is especially true for the southern regions where almost all cultivation is spread. In Calabria, in particular, olive cultivation ...