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The food security concept as the state support basis for agriculture




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Zhichkin, K.A.
Nosov, V.V.
Zhichkina, L.N.
Ramazanov, I.A.
Kotyazhov, I.A.
Abdulragimov, I.A.

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The article discusses the problem of the country (territory) food security formation and its relationship with the state support size for agriculture. The work purpose is to determine the features of the food security formation in the Samara region and the relationship with the state support size for agricultural production in the region. Within this study framework, it is necessary to solve the following tasks: - study the features of the food security concept and its application in the Samara region conditions; - the optimal parameters of the region's self-sufficiency determination in food products; - establishing a link between food security and the optimal amount of state support for the agro-industrial complex. Taking into account only the data on the region self-sufficiency, the region produces a sufficient amount of potatoes and vegetables. Comparing these indicators with rational consumption rates, it can be seen that the residents' demand for agricultural products is provided mainly by potatoes, the consumption of which is 1.5 times higher than the rational. The subsidies existing system in the Samara region is not optimal from the point of view for ensuring food security, which indicates either the underfunding of the production for both these and other product groups. In 2017–2018 the amount of state support, based on the above calculations, had to be increased by at least 100–500 million rubles.


Received: March 27th, 2021 ; Accepted: May 8th, 2021 ; Published: May 20th, 2021 ; Correspondence:


criterion, food security, PSE, self-sufficiency, subsidies, articles