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Theory of impact interaction between potato bodies and rebounding conveyor




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Bulgakov, V.
Nikolaenko, S.
Adamchuk, V.
Ruzhуlo, Z.
Olt, Jüri

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In order to increase substantially the quality of the potato heap separation, it is necessary to carry out the theoretical substantiation of the spiral separator’s parameters with regard to the impact interaction between the product and the tools of the un it under the condition of not damaging the tubers. An equivalent schematic model of the impact interaction between a potato tuber and the surface of the rebounding conveyor has been devised. Taking into account the coefficient of restitution of the tuber’s velocity in case of an impact, new analytical expressions have been obtained for determining the magnitude and direction of the potato tuber’s velocity after the impact. They provided the basis for applying the principle of momentum at impact and obtainin g the analytical expressions that allow determining the impact impulse and impact force at the impact of the tuber on the surface of the rebounding conveyor and, eventually, the dynamic constraints on the permitted velocity of the tuber prior to the impact interaction under the condition of not damaging it. A new analytical mathematical model of the impact interaction of the potato tuber during the potato heap separation has been developed. On the basis of the obtained theoretical results, studies have been carried out on the rational kinematical parameters of the high - quality performance of the above - mentioned work process under the condition of keeping the potato tubers undamaged .




potato, tuber, heap separation, impact interaction, impact impulse, rational parameters, articles