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Reduction of moisture and thermal conductivity of wet walls by special plaster




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Topol, M.
Kic, P.
Neuberger, P.

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This paper is focused on the problems of moisture reduction in old buildings. Wet walls are very common problem of old buildings, but it can appears also in new buildings as well. The moisture in the wall influence the insulation quality; bigger heat losses continuously cause problems of worse heat balance, higher consumption of energy for heating and it can result in not sufficient indoor conditions in such a room or building. Old rural residential buildings and also agricultural buildings for housing of animals, storage of different materials, workshops etc. could be repaired and reconstructed by the used of some special methods. The application of special plaster can reduce the walls moisture as well as improve the thermal properties of the buildings by reduction of thermal conductivity. This paper includes the results of laboratory experiments focused on research of plaster properties (temperature, moisture and thermal conductivity) and tests provided in the real building. Different measuring principles, enabling mutual comparison of results were used for this research. The measurement results showed a significant effect of high wall moisture on the heat losses. Differences between the walls improved by new tested plaster and old untreated walls are discussed in this paper. Obtained results from this measurements and findings may be useful for further research in this issue as well as for the practical solutions for similar problems in many old buildings.




heat losses, measurement, natural material, rural buildings, articles