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Comparative analysis of the use of biostimulants on the main types of soil




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Chernikova, O.
Mazhaysky, Yu.
Buryak, S.
Seregina, T.
Ampleeva, L.

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A plant requires certain physiological conditions for normal and productive development. The determining vital factor is the nutritional status of the soil and the environment. At present, the biologization of agriculture is becoming increasingly important. The use of biostimulants is one of the rapidly developing areas in the world practice of crop production and, in the cultivation of agricultural crops, contributes to the production of environmentally friendly products and the improvement of the environment.Such substances can be metal nanoparticles, as well as preparations with a high level of biogenicity, nutritional value and physiology,they are used to improve the growth and development of plants, as well as to activate soil-microbiological processes, which is a liquid-phase biological product (LPBP). The purpose of this work is to identify the effectiveness of the use of a liquid-phase biological product and cobalt nanoparticles in pre-sowing seed treatment against the background of a minimum dose of organic fertilizers, the effect on the productivity and quality indicators of green mass when growing a grass mixture with over-sowing oats on three main types of soil: sod-podzolic, gray forest and black soil.Used cobalt nanoparticles have the following characteristics 40–60 nm, phase composition - Co - 100%. A suspension of nanoparticles was obtained by dispersing with ultrasound in an aqueous solution. LPBP is a dark brown liquid with a specific odor, pH =6.5–7.5, contains N, C, P, K, Ca, Mg, tryptophan, microorganisms. Cobalt nanopowder in solution contained 0.01 g per hectare seeding rate; LPBP concentration was 1%. The seeds were soaked 30 min before sowing in double distilled water (control), in a suspension of nanoparticles and LPBP. The research was carried out according to generally accepted methods. Presowing seed treatment in combination with organic fertilizers in minimal doses provided an increase in yield on soddy-podzolic soil - by 5.69–21.71%, gray forest soil - 2.64–7.50%, black soil - 9.18–18.28%, while no decrease in nutritional value was observed: metabolizable energy, feed units, digestible protein. It is noted that the use of cobalt nanoparticles leads to an increase in the carotene content.


Received: February 6th, 2020 ; Accepted: April 14th, 2021 ; Published: May 13th, 2021 ; Correspondence:


cobalt nanoparticles, liquid-phase biological product, grass mixture, oats, sod-podzolic soil, gray forest soil, chernozem, articles