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Rheological and physical–chemical properties of yogurt with oat–chia seeds composites




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Nadtochii, L.A.
Baranenko, D.A.
Lu, W.
Safronova, A.V.
Lepeshkin, A.I.
Ivanova, V.A.

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Currently chia seeds (Salvia hispanica L.) are considered as a filler of functional food. However, ground chia seeds have a low viscosity and cohesion properties that are limited its applications. Based on previous data oat-chia seeds composites in different proportions as filler for yogurt have been tested. The investigation of water holding capacity of samples allowed to select the yogurt with filler in the ratio of 1:1 (oat bran:chia seed) in the amount of 3% and 5% as the most close to the control sample without any filler. The rheological characteristics of yogurt samples were investigated and their thixotropic and viscoelastic properties were identified depending on the amount of filler in the product. The yogurt without any filler had the less thixotropic properties in compare with yogurt with oat-chia seeds composites. The structure recovery of yogurt with 3% and 5% filler was close to 100% and greater than 100% respectively. Based on the data of G' and G" moduli was possible to ascertain the yogurt with filler has more viscoelastic properties compared with yogurt without filler. Yogurt with 5% filler exceeds yogurt without filler in biological value according to the content of essential amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids.



yogurt, Salvia hispanica L., oat–chia seeds composites, rheological properties, thixotropic properties, viscoelastic properties, water–holding capacity, articles