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Float system and crucial points of the method for seedling production and crop cultivation with or without organic fertilization




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Kanatas, P.

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Float system is a less-intensive and low-cost technology that enables efficient control of the nutrition of the growing plants. The findings of experiments carried out under float system in various crops with or without organic fertilization need to be reviewed. The importance of float system for growing plants without inorganic fertilization and chemical pesticide use needs also to be pointed out. Float system can enhance root development of growing plants and control the height of produced transplants. This can result in increased yields and improved transplant quality, not only in tobacco transplant production systems but also in the case of vegetable crops such as tomato or lettuce. In the case of crops like tobacco and for the success of float system alkalinity and oxygen content of the water in the nutrient solution and selection of the growing media are crucial. Regarding vegetable crops, the combination of float system and organic fertilization can enhance root development in tomato as compared to the combination and lettuce resulting in high-quality products. Several aromatic and medicinal plants, including basil and spearmint, provide high yields and good product quality in floating systems especially along with organic fertilization. Conclusively, float system is a major method for producing high quality products or transplants. Further investigation is needed regarding the combined effects of organic fertilization and float system on more crops and under different climatic conditions.



float system, organic fertilization, root growth, yield, agronomy, articles