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Analysis of operating parameters of hybrid vehicle under real traffic condition




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Kotek, M.
Krumbholc, M.
Hartová, V.

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Nowadays, protecting the environment and reducing harmful emissions is an increasingly discussed topic. One way to reduce vehicle emissions, especially for individual car traffic, is to use a hybrid drive. The advantages of the electric drive and the classic combustion engine are used here. By combining both types of drive, a synergetic effect is achieved, where both drives can be used in optimal operating mode. The aim of the experiment was to demonstrate the benefit of a hybrid vehicle in real driving. The operating parameters of the Lexus LX400h hybrid vehicle was compared to a conventional lowclass vehicle Škoda Fábia 1.2 HTP with a classic SI engine. The experiment took place on a route including typical urban, extra-urban and motorway traffic condition. During experiment, the engine operating parameters and CO, CO2, HC and NOX emissions were measured. The results show that the emission production and fuel consumption of the hybrid vehicle are significantly lower in urban traffic condition than the vehicle with classic internal combustion engine. On the contrary, in motorway conditions, the hybrid vehicle must use both drives, as higher performance is required to overcome higher driving resistances and therefore achieves higher fuel consumption and higher emissions than a conventional vehicle.




fuel consumption, emission production, urban traffic, energy recuperation, articles