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Investigation of dual varying area flapping actuator of a robotic fish with energy recovery




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Tipans, I.
Viba, J.
Irbe, M.
Vutukuru, S.K.

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Autonomous under-water vehicles (AUV) performing a commanded task require to utilize on-board energy sources. At the time when on-board power source runs low during operation, the vehicle (AUV) is forced to abort the mission and to return to a charging station. The present work proposes the technique of an energy recovery from surrounding medium. This effect is studied for dual action actuator movement that obtains energy from fluid. It is realized that a flapping or vibrating actuator can be used for energy extraction phenomenon apart from the non-traditional propulsive technique. In the present work a simple dual flapping actuator that can switch between simple flat plate and perforated plate at extreme end positions (angles) by using an efficient mechatronic mechanism that would help in overcoming viscous forces of the operating medium is extensively studied. The main objective of the present article is to develop a new approach for energy gain and recharge power pack of on-board sources from the surrounding medium and to create a robotic fish that would work autonomously by using unconventional drive along with the possibility of energy restoration by using dual varying area type vibrating actuator. At the time of recharge, the robotic fish would project its tail (actuator) out of water and use surrounding medium (air) to scavenge the energy. All the equations describing the process are formed according to classical laws of mechanics. The mechatronic system is explained and the results obtained are discussed in detail for air as the operating fluid to scavenge energy.



energy extraction, flapping tail, robotic fish, articles