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Theory of retaining potato bodies during operation of spiral separator




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Bulgakov, V.
Nikolaenko, S.
Adamchuk, V.
Ruzhуlo, Z.
Olt, Jüri

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The increase of the efficiency and quality of performance of the work process of potato heap separation can be achieved by means of improving the design of the vibrational spiral separator and substantiating theoretically its rational parameters under the condition of eliminating damage to the potato tubers. An equivalent schematic model of the interaction between the potato tuber and the surface of the cantilever spiral springs has been devised. On the basis of the model, the kinematic characteristics of the tuber’s flight and its impact contact with the elastic surface of the over mounted rebounding conveyor have been investigated. A new analytical mathematical model of the potato tuber’s flight from the surface of the spiral separator and its subsequent encounter with the rebounding conveyor mounted above the spiral springs has been developed. New analytical dependences have been obtained for finding out the distance and height of the potato tuber’s flight to the point of impact contact as well as the trajectory equation fo r the travel to the said contact, which makes it possible to obtain the kinematic constraints imposed on the allowed rate of travel under the condition of not damaging the tuber. On the basis of the obtained analytical dependences, the kinematic parameters of the improved design of the spiral potato harvester separator in its interaction with a potato tuber under the condition of not damaging the latter have been investigated .




potato, tuber, harvester, spiral separator, rebounding, articles