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Special tractor driving wheels with two modification of spikes inclination angle




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Abrahám, R.
Majdan, R.
Drlička, R.

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The paper presents a research on an improvement of tractor drawbar properties using special driving wheels. Two modifications of the special driving wheels were designed and tested under field conditions. The results were compared with standard tyres. The special driving wheels consists of the tyres with a modified tyre-tread pattern and equips with the spike segments. The special driving wheels allow to activate or deactivate the spike segments to improve a drawbar pull at worse adhesive conditions of the ground or transport on roads with standard tyres. The first modification activates all 8 spike segments at spike inclination angle 90° and the second one 4 at angle 90°and 4 at 30°. The measurements were realised in October 2017 in an area of the Slovak Agricultural Museum in Nitra. The drawbar properties of the special driving wheels were evaluated based on drawbar pull of the test tractor Mini 070 type connected with a load tractor MT8-065 type. Using the test tractor in 1st and 2nd gear, the measurements were realized at 100% wheels slip and repeated 4 times. The results show the statistically significant differences in the drawbar pull of the test tractor with different driving wheels on a grass plot. The highest increase in drawbar pull reached the value 25.56% (2nd gear) and 19.98% (1st gear) in case of the special driving wheels with 4 spike segments at 90° and 4 at 30°. In case of the special driving wheels with 8 spike segments at 90°, increase in the drawbar pull reached the value 10.09% (1st gear) and 15.21% (2nd gear) in comparation with the standard tyres.




tyres, drawbar pull, force sensor, wheels slip, articles