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An analysis of influences of blinds and solar radiation on microclimate in office rooms during summer days: a pilot study




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Cao, D.V.
Kic, P.

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Windows are the only part of a building that can directly penetrate the solar radiation into the occupied space and thus the shading devices are needed to control the solar penetration. In the office buildings, they usually use external blinds and internal blinds to reduce heat gains during summer caused by sunlight as well as solar radiation. Therefore, these blinds are main part to maintain thermal comfort for office workers. The aim of this paper is to present results of measurements in four big office rooms in different situations of blinds application. Then, the influence of the internal and external blinds on the internal microclimate conditions inside the large offices during the hot summer days with high solar radiation will be evaluate. The offices floor area is from 43.3 m2 to 59.5 m2 and height 2.8 m. The experiments in this research were focused on measurement and evaluation of globe temperature, indoor air temperature and relative humidity at level of working place during several hot summer days. Comparison of the results of short-term measurements in a room with open blinds and closed blinds has shown the influence of the blinds on the reduction of indoor temperature. More significant was the effect of external aluminium blinds. Solar energies passing through the windows into the interior were 3,476 W without blind and 305 W in case of aluminium venetian external blinds. When the maximum outside temperature was 29.9 °C and office workers used blinds with natural ventilation, the maximum air temperatures in four rooms were from 27.2 °C to 28.5 °C, which exceeded maximum recommended temperature (28 °C). The external aluminium venetian blinds and internal fabric vertical blinds did not maintain thermal comfort inside the offices during all summer days, but it can help in reduction of energy consumption for air-conditioning.




air-temperature, glazed window, globe temperature, measurement, articles