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Growth potential of Listeria monocytogenesin ready-to-eat minced meat samples enriched with plant powders : [poster]




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Koskar, Julia
Meremäe, Kadrin
Elias, Terje
Mäesaar, Mihkel
Rätsep, Reelika
Roasto, Mati

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Estonian University of Life Sciences


Listeriosis which is one of the most severe foodborne illnesses, ranks as the fifth most commonly reported zoonosis among humans in the European Union To ensure the safety of ready to eat ( foods, Regulation ( No 2073 2005 has established microbiological criteria for Listeria monocytogenes If a food business operator intends to use the numeric criterion of 100 cfu/g for RTE food, a challenge test must be conducted in compliance with the technical guidance document issued by the EU Reference Laboratory for L monocytogenes (EURL Lm Numerous plants have been shown to be effective in inhibiting microbial growth in food The use of plant powders with antimicrobial properties in food manufacturing requires compliance with consumer demands for microbiological safety, nutritional value, and sensory properties The aim of this study was to assess the growth potential of L monocytogenes in minced meat products enriched with plant powders.
Poster of the Nordic Natural Products Conference 2023.
This work was supported by the Estonian Research Council grant PRG1441 and project F200143PKPA, ResTA14.



Listeria monocytogenes, meat, plant powders, posters