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Accelerated technology of rye bread with improved quality and increased nutritional value




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Dubrovskaya, N.
Savkina, O.
Kuznetsova, L.
Parakhina, O.
Usova, L.

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Accelerated bakery technologies do not always ensure high bread quality. The taste and smell of bread is less pronounced when compared with the traditionally prepared bread and it is quickly subjected to microbial spoilage. The aim of the research was to develop an improved composite mixture for the accelerated technology of rye bread, which would improve its quality, nutritional value, extend shelf life and microbiological stability. Rowan powder (botanical species Sorbus aucuparia) as unconventional raw ingredients of high nutritional and biological value was used. Rowan powder has high acidity (40 degrees or 5.7% in terms of malic acid) and contains a wide range of organic acids, including volatile acids (2–3%) and preservative acids (such as sorbic acid), as well as other micro- and macronutrients. New acidifying additive with rowan powder was created. The optimal dosage of rowan powder in the new acidifying additive by 13% per 100 kg of flour allows bread making with higher specific volume, acidity and porosity of the crumb compared with the control sample. The research proves that rowan powder usage in the accelerated bread technology improves its organoleptic and physico-chemical indicators and also increases the content of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. The content of fibers in custard bread with rowan powder was 1.85 times higher than in the control sample. The rowan powder usage has a positive effect on the preservation of bread freshness during its storage. The rowan powder usage slows down the custard bread mould disease.




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