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Advancing patient safety competencies in nursing education: an examination of student attitudes




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Sepp, Jaana

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Estonian University of Life Sciences


In nursing, patient safety is of paramount concern, requiring the development of well-defined competencies among nursing students and the early integration of safety principles into curricula. This study aimed to explore nursing students' perceptions regarding patient safety, offering valuable insights for curriculum developers. The main research questions were: What are the perceptions of nursing students regarding patient safety, and how can this information be useful for curriculum developers in improving students' safety knowledge and developing the curriculum in this direction? The Attitudes to Patient Safety Questionnaire (APSQ III) was employed to gather data due to its established reputation as a comprehensive and reliable instrument for assessing student attitudes in patient safety. The questionnaire was thoughtfully distributed to first-year nursing students with work experience in the healthcare field. The study revealed that students consider patient safety important and perceive its implementation as dependent on multidisciplinary teamwork and error reporting. Based on students' perceptions, nursing educators should increase the presence of patient safety courses in the nursing curriculum, emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach and enhancing competencies related to critical thinking. This includes improving skills in error reporting, organizing practical training, and mastering the use of standardized terminology. In conclusion, the study underscores the necessity of redefining nursing competencies, early integration of patient safety principles, the significance of research, and the role of assessment tools in shaping attitudes toward patient safety in nursing education.


Received: January 29th, 2024 ; Accepted: April 11th, 2024 ; Published: April 12th, 2024 ; Correspondence to:


curricula, patient safety, nursing students, perceptions, articles