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Research on influence of cyclic degradation process on changes of structural adhesive bonds mechanical properties




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Kolář, V.
Tichý, M.
Müller, M.
Valášek, P.
Rudawska, A.

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The paper deals with an influence of a cyclic degradation process on changes of a shear tensile strength of single lap-shear adhesive bonds and their elongation according to ČSN EN ISO 9142. Five one-component structural adhesives used in a construction of car body works were used within the research. The degradation of adhesive bonds is a significant factor which influences a quality and a service life of adhesive bonds exposed to environment. A main requirement in production companies is not only reaching satisfactory initial mechanical properties but namely ensuring a reliability and a safety of adhesive bonds during their usage. These reasons show a great importance of adhesive bonds tests either directly in the operating environment or by a simulation of operating conditions in laboratories. The degradation process of adhesive bonds worsens mechanical properties of not only the bond itself but also of the bonded material. This process is progressing and it is usually permanent and irreversible. It is a change of mechanical and physical properties which can endanger a safety and a reliability of parts, prospectively of the whole equipment. It can leads up to a complete failure of its function in the extreme case. A temperature, a moisture, a direct contact with water and chemicals or an atmospheric corrosion belong among the most serious degradation agents. It is important to take into regard time of the processes influence at the same time which can act either independently or concurrently when their effects grow stronger. From that reason the adhesive bonds were exposed to the cyclic degradation process according to the standard ČSN EN ISO 9142. Subsequently, the adhesive bonds mechanical properties were tested on universal testing machine and by means of SEM analysis (TESCAN MIRA 3). Results of mechanical tests proved a fall of the shear tensile strength of single lap-shear adhesive bonds after 42 cycles of the degradation process of 12.8 to 21.7%. The bond strength fall was gradual and it showed a linear trend at some adhesives. Other adhesives showed a significant fall after the exposition to the degradation process after which the strength fall stabilized.




shear tensile strength, elongation, temperature, moisture, SEM, automotive, ageing process, articles