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Balance and coefficients of usage of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from the soil and fertilizers by tomatoes and peppers in the conditions of Ararat Plain of Armenia




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Matevosyan, L.G.
Harutyunyan, S.S.
Galstyan, M.H.
Osipova, R.H.
Mkrtchyan, A.T.
Sargsyan, K.Sh.
Sadoyan, R.R.

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Estonian University of Life Sciences


The aim of the research is to reveal the biological removal, balance and coefficient rates of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium use from soil, organo-mineral fertilizers and microbiological concentrates by tomato and sweet pepper in the conditions of Ararat Plain of Armenia. Field experiments were carried out in 2017–2019, on typical irrigated meadow brown soils in triplicate. It has been established that at tomato yields of 50–75 t ha-1, the biological removal of nitrogen ranges from 110 (without fertilizers) to 178 kg ha-1 (N150P80), P2O5: 61–89, K2O5: 166–289 kg ha-1, and at pepper yields of 23–32 t ha-1, respectively - 55–76, 38–49 and 77–106 kg ha-1. Tomato utilization rates from the soil (unfertilized version) are: N: 118, P2O5: 37, K2O: 8%, and the negative balances are respectively: 107, 67 and 109 kg ha-1, similar data for pepper were recorded at: N: 59, P2O5: 23, K2O: 4% and 52, 44, 20 kg ha-1. From fertilizers, tomato absorbs 27–45% nitrogen, 11–48% P2O5 and 48–72% K2O with negative balances (N: 15–55, P2O5: 14–76, K2O: 34–79 kg ha-1), in poultry litter the balance P2O5 = + 94.2 kg ha-1. For pepper, however, these data were respectively amounted to: N: 6–14, P2O5: 10–15, K2O: 9–20%, and the balances were positive. Microbiological concentrates (Azoto + phosphate Barvar) showed poor effectiveness as compared to organo-mineral fertilizers. It was also found that the lower the amount of a mobile element in the soil, or in the fertilizer dose, the higher its utilization rate and vice versa.


Received: October 25th, 2023 ; Accepted: January 12th, 2024 ; Published: March 28th, 2024 ; Correspondence:


tomato, pepper, soil, organo - mineral fertilizers, balance, coefficients of usage, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, articles