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Analysis of safety indicators for poultry products produced in subsidiary farms in penitentiary facilities




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Chernikova, O.
Pityurina, I.
Terentyev, A.
Rakhmaev, E.

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The production of poultry, eggs and their processed products is growing rapidly worldwide. Poultry products are in great demand; however, they are a source of a number of risks: physical, chemical, as well as microbiological. Ensuring food safety is currently the main aspect for the global food industry, including for the production of poultry products. The article discusses the safety and quality of poultry products produced in subsidiary farms of correctional facilities of the penal system. Attention is drawn to the risks and threats of sanitary and epidemiological well-being that arise in connection with the intensification of the impact of negative environmental factors. In the subsidiary farms of correctional facilities, the cage-type bird keeping system and the frequency of feeding are regulated depending on the age of the bird. The results of the analysis have shown that poultry and chicken eggs comply with established sanitary standards. Thus, the average heavy metal content in poultry meat was: Hg - 0.0061 mg kg-1 , Cd - 0.0233 mg kg-1, As - 0.0501 mg kg-1, Pb - 0.1765 mg kg-1; in the egg: Hg - 0.0072 mg kg-1 , Cd - 0.0198 mg kg-1, As - 0.0485 mg kg-1, Pb - 0.1812 mg kg-1. Antibiotics, radionuclides and dioxins were not found in poultry meat. The pesticide content in poultry meat was below the permissible level: by 2.2 times of DTM and its metabolites, and hexachlorocyclohexane (a, b, g - isomers) - by 5 times. Coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus, Proteus, as well as pathogenic salmonella, listeria were not found in poultry meat and eggs. NMAFAnM in meat amounted to 0.5×104 , in the egg - 1×103 CFU g-1 incl. In general, poultry products produced in correctional facilities are of high enough quality and can be used to prepare various dishes not only for adults but also for baby food. These estimates allow us to conclude about a fairly high level of quality and safety of this product.



safety, poultry products, quality, ecotoxicants, penal system, articles