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  • Theoretical research into directional stability of trailed tandem- type disk harrow 

    Bulgakov, V.; Olt, Jüri; Nadykto, V.; Volskiy, V.; Polishchuk, S.; Aboltins, A.; Beloev, H. (Estonian University of Life Sciences, 2021)
    Disking is one of the methods of soil cultivation, provides its effective crumbling, loosening, partial mixing and soil inversion. This ensures that crop residues on the soil surface are shredded and intermixing with ...
  • Theoretical research into operation of rotary potato harvester 

    Olt, Jüri; Bulgakov, V.; Bonchik, V.; Ruzhylo, Z.; Volskiy, V.; Melnik, V.; Ihnatiev, Ye.; Kaletnik, H. (2021)
    The topic of the paper is the determination and justification of the rational design and kinematic parameters of clod breaking tools in rotary potato harvesters with the aim of improving their separating efficiency. A ...