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  • Acoustic analysis of cement composites with lignocellulosic residues 

    Ferraz, P.F.P.; Abreu, D.H.S.; Huallpa, B.N.; Santana, L.S.; Cecchin, D.; Rabelo, G.F.; Rossi, G.; Barbari, M. (Estonian University of Life Sciences, 2021)
    The concept of environmental sustainability has been seeking a way to develop projects that reduce the impacts provided by agricultural development and the excessive consumption of natural resources. However, there is ...
  • Application of pineapple fiber in the development of sustainable mortars 

    De Azevedo, A.R.G.; Rocha, H.A.; Marvila, M.T.; Cecchin, D.; Xavier, G.C.; Da Silva, R.C.; Ferraz, P.F.P.; Conti, L.; Rossi, G. (Estonian University of Life Sciences, 2021)
    Due to the great worldwide increase in pineapple production, countries like Brazil and India have problems regarding the correct disposal of residues from the production of this fruit. One of the possibilities is the ...
  • Bibliometric analysis on the use of natural fibers in construction materials 

    Ferreira, G.M.G.; Cecchin, D.; Azevedo, A.R.G.; Valadão, I.C.R.P.; Costa, K.A.; Silva, T.R.; Ferreira, F.; Amaral, P.I.S.; Huther, C.M.; Sousa, F.A.; Castro, J.O.; Ferraz, P.F.P.; Teixeira, M.A. (2021)
    Due to the increasing interest of the population in the sustainability theme, there was a consequent growth in publications related to the theme in the area of civil construction. Agroindustrial waste has become an ...