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    Plankton samples of inland waters : [catalog]
    (Estonian University of Life Sciences, 2022) Estonian University of Life Sciences. Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Chair of Hydrobiology and Fisheries; Laugaste, Reet (editor); Timm, Henn (editor); Lill, Evi (editor)
    The number of sampled waterbodies was 1017. Most of the samples (22,900) have been collected from Estonia. There are also more than 800 samples from Russia (mainly from the eastern and southern part of Lake Peipsi) and ca 100 from other countries. In addition, there are also some samples of the Baltic Sea. Register code: according to the Estonian environmental register: Of the total material, more than 13,000 specimens are phytoplankton, the rest is mostly metazooplankton. There are also some samples of protozooplankton, fish fry, periphyton and sediment. The collection time is between 1924 and 2019. The number of the persons who took the samples exceeds 60. The collection is located in the storage hall of the Centre for Limnology (Limnoloogia tee 1/1, Elva vald, Tartumaa). As of 6.04.2022, the collection was placed in 327 standard plastic boxes, each with a capacity of 27 l, dimensions 600x400x175 mm. The number of containers (plastic or glass bottles) was 23,814. Formalin, in some cases Kahle's solution, has been added to the samples for preservation. The collection is constantly being supplemented, mainly through the projects of the Estonian University of Life Sciences. Adding samples of 2020-2021 to the collection is in progress. Evi Lill, a senior laboratory assistant at the Centre for Limnology, has been the contributor to the table of raw data. The table was edited by Reet Laugaste, a specialist from the same institution, and Henn Timm, a senior researcher.