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dc.contributor.authorTsytsiura, Yaroslav H.
dc.identifier.publicationAgraarteadus : Journal of Agricultural Science, 2020, vol. 31, no. 2, pp. 219–243est
dc.descriptionSaabunud / Received 11.09.2020 ; Aktsepteeritud / Accepted 18.12.2020 ; Avaldatud veebis / Published online 31.12.2020 ; Vastutav autor / Corresponding author: Yaroslav H. Tsytsiura yaroslavtsytsyura@ukr.netest
dc.description.abstractThe paper provides the results of a multi-year study of the peculiarities of phytocoenology of oilseed radish agrophytocenosises using various methods of its condition assessment and studying the tactics of plant vitality strategy. A comprehensive assessment was made of the impact of changes in inter-row spacing width, sowing rates and fertilizer on the formation of different plant ideotypes, the variability of their morphological features and general indicators of viability. Three ideotypes of oilseed radish plants in the vertical study of agro-phytocenosises were identified, based on which a detailed analysis of the variability of each group and a statistical assessment of the reliability of its existence was made. The peculiarities of morphological integration of each tier were analyzed and its influence on the formation of the overall field capacity was assessed. Based on the modular and vitality grouping, the efficiency and feasibility of combining different stand density and fertilizer options in the range of 30–90 kg of primary material per 1 hectare were evaluated. Due to the application of regression analysis, the impact of climatic conditions on the formation of different morphological types of plants and the nature of relationships between oilseed radish plants in cenosises of different stand densities with different fertilizer options was assessed. The main perspective directions of further research on the peculiarities of the creation of highly productive and highly adaptive agrophytocenosises of oilseed radish are outlined.eng
dc.publisherEstonian Academic Agricultural Societyeng
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) ; openAccesseng
dc.subjectoilseed radisheng
dc.subjectvitality tacticseng
dc.subjectplant ideotypeeng
dc.subjectagrophytocenosis layeringeng
dc.titleModular-vitality and ideotypical approach in evaluating the efficiency of construction of oilseed radish agrophytocenosises (Raphanus sativus var. oleifera Pers.)eng
dc.rights.holderAuthors of accepted articles retain all rights to use, reuse, and distribute the published research as long as the author credits the original publication in this journal. The authors submitting to the journal are expected to follow the general ethical guidelines regarding plagiarism. If in doubt consult the ICMJ guidelines on overlapping publications. Once accepted the journal retain the right to print and distribute the manuscript submitted by the author.eng

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) ; openAccess
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