Recent Submissions

  • Scab infection management on apple leaves in Western Balkans 

    Rexhepi, Edmond; Paçe, Harallamb; Vrapi, Hekuran; Hasani, Arbenita; Kokthi, Elena (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2018)
    The disease of apple scab caused by the pathogen of Venturia inaequalis is a nonstop issue to the apple cultivators. The infection requires prompt and persistent treatment so as to control the infection. Today there are a ...
  • Biostimulaatori ja fungitsiidiga puhtimise mõju suvinisu arengule ja saagivõimele 

    Sooväli, Pille; Kangor, Tiia; Koppel, Mati (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2018)
    In the years 2013–2014, the Estonian Crop Research Institute conducted a field trial in order to investigate the effect of seed treatment with seaweed based biostimulants and fungicide on spring wheat (Triticum aestivum ...
  • Ülevaade: Eesti mullastiku seisundi uurimused, mullaseire suunad ja võimalused seire tõhustamiseks 

    Kõlli, Raimo; Tõnutare, Tõnu; Eiber, Laura (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2018)
    In the introductory part a short retrospect to the soil survey proceeded in Estonia since fifties of previous century is given. As a result of this survey the large scale (1:10,000) digitized soil map for the whole Estonian ...
  • Comparative assessment of selected heavy metal load in three tilapiine species inhabiting Osinmo Reservoir, Southwestern, Nigeria 

    Olofinko, Ayomide Omolara; Adewole, Henry Adefisayo; Olaleye, Victor Folorunso (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2018)
    The levels of selected heavy metal in the water and fillets of Tilapia zillii Gervais, Sarotherodon galilaeus Trewavas and Oreochromis niloticus Lineaus in Osinmo Reservoir were assessed and compared with established ...
  • Päriliku skreipiresistentsuse dünaamika Eesti lambatõugudel 

    Sild, Erkki; Värv, Sirje; Viinalass, Haldja (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2018)
    A total of 2,411 sheep from the Estonian Whitehead (N = 1301) and Estonian Blackhead (N = 1110) breeds were genotyped for markers of scrapie risk in the period 2005–2017. Sanger sequencing was used to identify nucleotide ...
  • Soil bulk density and phytosanitary conditions at potato field 

    Tartlan, Luule; Nugis, Edvin (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2018)
    The aim of this paper is to present the microorganisms and their activities and soil bulk density. It is a fact that both have a great impact on soil fertility and its health status. Among the microorganisms in soil, ...
  • The effect of vermicompost on the growth and quality of cress (Lepidium sativum) 

    Olle, Margit (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2018)
    Vermicompost is the excreta of earthworm, which are capable of improving soil health and nutrient status. Vermiculture is a process by which all types of biodegradable wastes such as farm wastes, kitchen wastes, market ...
  • Sõnniku mõjust maheviljeluslikult majandatavas külvikorras 

    Järvan, Malle (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2018)
    Organic agriculture is a production system which relies on ecological processes. In the organic farming systems, it is important to improve soil fertility and to protect soil physical condition for its healthy functioning. ...

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