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  • Through economic growth to the viability of rural space 

    Rivza, B.; Kruzmetra, M.; Zaluksne, V. (2017)
    Rural areas as a living space for the population has been increasingly explored in official documents of various EU institutions and in research topics. Both the documents and the research papers stress the necessity to ...
  • Unified client service centres for rural development and smart governance in Latvia 

    Sunina, L.; Rivza, B. (2017)
    Nowadays rapid increase of technological environment allows residents to be more mobile, choose working place, different from one’s place of residence, start a new business or transfer company to rural areas, thus promoting ...
  • Work strain predictors in construction work 

    Roja, Z.; Kalkis, H.; Roja, I.; Zalkalns, J.; Sloka, B. (2017)
    The aim of this study was to predict the work strain indicators for construction workers and to work out measures for prevention of strain at work. Subjective and objective research methods were utilized in the research, ...

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