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  • Ülevaade : Eesti aastamuld 2019 on madalsoomuld 

    Kõlli, Raimo; Tõnutare, Tõnis (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2019)
    By the Estonian Soil Sciences Society for the Year 2014 Soils the Leached soils, for 2015 – Limestone rendzinas, for 2016 – Bog soils, for 2017 – Typical podzols, for 2018 – Pseudopodzolic soils, and for 2019 – Fen soils ...
  • Ülevaade: Biokirme kui oluline tegur piima ja piimatoodete saastes termotolerantsete bakteritega 

    Elias, Priit; Songisepp, Epp; Veskioja, Andre; Rammul, Kadi (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2017)
    The primary source of thermoduric bacteria for contamination of milk and dairy products is raw milk. Contamination sources of raw milk are the surface of udder, milking-, cooling- and storage equipments. Inadequate ...
  • Ülevaade: Eesti mullastiku seisundi uurimused, mullaseire suunad ja võimalused seire tõhustamiseks 

    Kõlli, Raimo; Tõnutare, Tõnu; Eiber, Laura (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2018)
    In the introductory part a short retrospect to the soil survey proceeded in Estonia since fifties of previous century is given. As a result of this survey the large scale (1:10,000) digitized soil map for the whole Estonian ...
  • Ülevaade: kahkjad ehk näivleetunud mullad Eestimaa muldkattes 

    Kõlli, Raimo; Tõnutare, Tõnu; Kõlli, Tarmo (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2018)
    In actual review the main morphological properties of the Pseudopodzolic soils and the principles of their dividing into soil species (identified by soil genesis) and varieties (divided on the basis of soil texture) are ...
  • Ülevaade: Põllumajandusliku masinapargi arengud Eestis ajavahemikul 2010–2018 

    Olt, Jüri; Ilves, Risto; Küüt, Arne (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2019)
    The aim of the current research is to provide an overview of the trends in the park of agricultural machinery in Estonia during the period 2010–2018. For this purpose, data obtained from the registers of Agriculture and ...
  • Ülevaade: Toidulisandid – kasulikud, kasutud või ohtlikud? 

    Püssa, Tõnu (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2017)
    The world market of food (dietary) supplements is very broad and diverse, orientating in which is quite difficult even for experts. One part of the supplements are useful, another part potentially dangerous, and third ...
  • Ülevaade: Ülevaade väävli kui talinisule olulise toiteelemendi mõju uuringutest Eestis 

    Järvan, Malle (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2019)
    Due to several objective reasons, the sulphur (S) deficiency in agricultural crops in Europe came to the fore in the last decades before the turn of the century. This work gives an overview of the Estonian long-year research ...

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