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  • Impact of rootstock on heavy metal bioaccumulation in apple plant grown near an industrial source in Obiliq, Kosovo 

    Imeri, R.; Kullaj, E.; Duhani, E.; Millaku, L. (2019)
    Food exposure to heavy metals such as Pb, Cd, Cr, Ni, As, Zn, Cu and Fe is considered a risk to human health. This study analyzes the level of heavy metals in soil and delicious apple tissues (fruit, leaf, shoot) in three ...
  • Mathematics education for sustainable agriculture specialists 

    Zeidmane, A.; Rubina, T. (2019)
    One of the Sustainable Development objectives is to promote life-long learning opportunities for all, but one of the Lifelong Learning competences is mathematical competence, which can be obtained studying mathematics at ...
  • Selenium in nanosized form as an alternative to microfertilizers 

    Chernikova, O.; Mazhayskiy, Yu.; Ampleeva, L. (2019)
    Nowadays, it is an obvious fact that it is necessary to look for new approaches to agriculture, which would ensure the maximum reduction in the dependence of the volumes and quality of the crop on external factors. The ...
  • Studies on combining ability in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) 

    Gayosso-Barragán, O.; López-Benítez, A.; Rodríguez-Herrera, S.A.; Ek-Maas, J.N.; Hidalgo-Ramos, D.M.; Alcala-Rico, J.S.G.J. (2019)
    The present study was done seven elite tomato lines (Solamun lycopersicum L.) of determinate and indeterminate growth with good yield potential and good combining ability, using diallel fashion without reciprocals to produce ...
  • Using of high-speed mills for biomass disintegration 

    Karráa, G.; Ivanova, T.; Kolarikova, M.; Hutla, P.; Krepl, V. (2019)
    The need for mechanical disintegration of biomass is very current topic with regard to the requirements of an agrarian sector, beside the importance of a material’s moisture content reduction to be used in further ...

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