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  • The effect of sowing date on cover crop biomass and nitrogen accumulation 

    Toom, Merili; Talgre, Liina; Pechter, Priit; Narits, Lea; Tamm, Sirje; Lauringson, Enn (2019)
    Cover crops are important tools for reducing nitrogen (N) leaching from the soil and improving the nutrition of cash crops. In northern regions with short autumns it is important to maximise the growing season of cover ...
  • Fodder galega (Galega orientalis Lam) grass potential as a forage and bioenergy crop 

    Meripõld, Heli; Tamm, Uno; Tamm, Sirje; Võsa, Taavi; Edesi, Liina (2017)
    Fodder galega (Galega orientalis Lam.) is a forage legume that has been grown in Estonia for almost forty five years. Pure galega is known to be persistent, high-yielding crop and rich in nutrients, in particular crude ...
  • Tetraploidse punase ristiku seemnepõllu rajamine kattevilja aluse külviga 

    Bender, Ants; Tamm, Sirje (Estonian Academic Agricultural Society, 2017)
    In 2013–2014 field trials were organised in Estonian Crop Research Institute to comply with the applied project of the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture. In the establishment of a red clover seed production field 2 cover ...

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