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  • The advantage of Decision Support System for managing spring barley disease in Estonia 

    Sooväli, Pille; Koppel, Mati; Lauringson, Enn; Talgre, Liina (2017)
    A Decision Support System (DSS) I - Taimekaitse focusing on use of timely applied and reduced fungicide rates in control of cereal diseases has been tested in field trials since 2003 . We compared the ...
  • The content of weed seeds in the soil based on the management system 

    Kuht, Jaan; Eremeev, Viacheslav; Talgre, Liina; Madsen, Helena; Toom, Merili; Mäeorg, Erkki; Loit, Evelin; Luik, Anne (2017)
    In 2008 an experiment was set up on the field in Eerika experimental station (Estonian University of Life Sciences) as a 5-field crop rotation: barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) with undersown red clover, red clover (Trifolium ...
  • The effect of sowing date on cover crop biomass and nitrogen accumulation 

    Toom, Merili; Talgre, Liina; Pechter, Priit; Narits, Lea; Tamm, Sirje; Lauringson, Enn (2019)
    Cover crops are important tools for reducing nitrogen (N) leaching from the soil and improving the nutrition of cash crops. In northern regions with short autumns it is important to maximise the growing season of cover ...

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