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  • The effect of bedding amount on gas emissions from manure during storage 

    Šimon, J.; Vegricht, J.; Bradna, J. (2017)
    One of the major agricultural pollutants of environment is manure from livestock. We focused on dairy cows kept in the barns with straw bedding commonly used in the Czech Republic. We tested the hypothesis that the amount ...
  • Fodder beans and peas in the diet of dairy cows 

    Trūpa, A.; Ošmane, B.; Konošonoka, I.H. (2018)
    The Holstein - Friesian Black - and - White cows were grouped into four treatments groups according to the analogue principle (n = 4 × 5). Lactating dairy cows were included in the trial in the ...
  • Peas and beans as a protein feed for dairy cows 

    Osmane, B.; Konosonoka, I.H.; Trupa, A.; Proskina, L. (2017)
    The need for alternative protein sources to soybean meal, partially or fully substituted in the diets of dairy cows, is an urgent problem in farming nowadays. Soybean meal is the most common protein source included in ...
  • A software to estimate heat stress impact on dairy cattle productive performance 

    Teles Jr., C.G.S.; Gates, R.S.; Barbari, M.; Conti, L.; Rossi, G.; Vilela, M.O.; Souza, C.F.F.; Tinôco, I.F.F. (2019)
    The aim of this study is to develop a computational tool, based on the Temperature and Humidity Index value, to characterize the thermal environment in dairy cattle barns and to evaluate the impact of thermal stress on ...

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